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What is Morgellons?

Morgellons is a condition characterized by a range of symptoms including crawling, biting, and stinging sensations on the skin; finding fibers on or under the skin; and persistent rashes or sores.


Morgellons is a condition characterized by a range of symptoms including crawling, biting, and stinging sensations on the skin; finding fibers on or under the skin; and persistent rashes or sores.
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Presently, the exact cause of Morgellons Disease (MD) remains a mystery. However, results of scientific research conducted at the University of New Haven revealed (Jan 2013) that spirochete bacteria, Borrelia, were found in skin samples from Morgellons patients. This was the premiere event for understanding this confusing medical condition. Research funded by The Charles E Holman Foundation continues at The U of NH. Involved researchers anticipate future resulting data will provide a consummate physiological understanding of MD & provide a path to proper medical management for those suffering with MD.
The distinguishing characteristic of Morgellons Disease (MD) is the presence of microscopic subcutaneous fibers sometimes referred to as filaments within the skin. Lighted microscopy (60 X minimum) enables the visualization of these unusual fibers, often-colored red, blue, white or clear, embedded in open skin lesions as well as their presence beneath intact skin. » Intense itching » Crawling sensations under the skin » Spontaneously–appearing, slow-healing lesions » Seed-like objects/ granules and black specks on/in skin » “Fuzz balls” on/in intact skin » Fine, thread like fibers beneath and/or extruding from the skin » Fatigue » Neurological impairment » Brain fog and diminished higher cognitive abilities » GI changes » Muscle aches, Joint pain » Sleep disturbances » New onset of panic or anxiety
Name Description
Skin rashes Skin rashes and lesions that do not heal.
Joint and muscle pain Joint and muscle pain
Fatigue Fatigue
Morgellons Disease is currently a clinical diagnosis made by knowledgeable medical care providers. Criteria includes visualization of fibers in skin with 60x lighted microscopy; patient reporting many of the symptoms associated with MD; evaluation of IGeneX and/or other Lab testing. Refer to published, peer-reviewed paper on PubMed on diagnosing standards of Morgellons Disease.
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Medical intervention is highly recommended for patients with signs of MD. Medical examinations and evaluations can help to exclude or detect disorders with common symptoms. Both physicians and patients are bewildered about medical management. 97% of MD patients have clinical symptoms of co-existing Lyme Disease; with the research DNA confirmation of Borrelia in MD skin specimens, many LLMDs (Lyme Literate Medical Doctors) are being consulted for medical care.
Much about the physiological make-up of Morgellons Disease is still in the research stage. Patients taking medications as directed by a knowledgeable, qualified health care provider and maintaining regular follow-up visits with their provider show improvement and significant resolution of symptoms. Treatment can be for several weeks, months or longer. Periods of symptom resolution, referred to as a remission, can vary from a few weeks to several years.
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people who are suffering NOT SELLING!!! Created by Jennlong74
Last updated 1 Feb 2022, 09:58 PM

Posted by Jennlong74
1 Feb 2022, 09:58 PM

I was hoping to find people like myself who have the issue and want to discuss it.. whether it's symptoms or treatments but I'm not looking to buy anything and I'm not looking to sell anything I just want to know what works for people what doesn't work for people what doctors have said if they've said anything if anyone is interested I have some at home remedies that have worked to alleviate the symptoms slightly you know nothing gets rid of it but there are things that I've done to make it more comfortable initially I had huge bald spots on my head that were so painful I seriously contemplated suicide. Thankfully those days are gone I've been able to get myself to a point that I don't wish for death everyday they're good days and bad days but if anyone who really wants to discuss this I would love to actually talk to someone else who suffers from it not someone trying to sell me a service go to this place and buy this product. And if you are a doctor that happens to know about this illness if you can give me some real genuine information about it before I have to you know buy your service or you know this particular one of a kind holistic product you know I'm not I don't have a problem with buying things I've spent thousands and thousands of dollars on different treatments but I'm just I'm done being swindled so if you are a doctor and you have some type of information you should probably try to provide it without me having to pay for it and other people who are suffering from it I'm sure you feel my pain cuz everything's like click this and I go here or go there but I genuinely want to know what people are doing about it if doctors have said anything what they've used for treatments and share some of the things I've done that we're just household items and things I've discovered and different studies that I've researched to try to find out what the hell this is that's happened to us by the way I don't know if it matters but I live in New Jersey so I know some people tend to suffer more in different areas of the country but I just thought I'd throw that out there

What do YOU believe to be TRUE about Morgellons? Created by kammy
Last updated 1 Feb 2022, 09:52 PM

Posted by Jennlong74
1 Feb 2022, 09:52 PM

Anyone still around to talk about this horrible affliction that's not looking to sell products or service... Unfortunately all my research has been done from home by myself because no doctor or medical professional recognize anything. Honestly after three years I've come across some pretty stunning treatments or info about it I'm just wondering if anyone wants to really discuss it I'm in New Jersey...

Posted by smoothdeb
14 Oct 2014, 01:50 AM

* I use homemade soaps that contain one or more of the following: oatmeal, clay, tea tree oil, sulfur, coconut, mainly. I use it all over, inside my ears where the fungal mites bite and crawl out of, as well as my nose and corners of my mouth. It keeps them at bay so I don't itch and scratch in public. For itching, I take hydroxyzine or atarax 100 mg prn from my doctor. I give it to whomever needs it, as he supplies it by the hundreds in my prescription. Keeping your hands clean and OFF YOUR BODY, is what works for me. If you can't afford handmade soaps, use original selenium Head and Shoulders for a few bucks a bottle. It burns the crotch, but I believe it works there, too. I suffer from fungus, that is my main complaint. I have it in my teeth, nose, eyes, ears, throat, ears canals, mouth, and lungs. 6 of my toenails have been permanently removed from fungus, and my nails are full of black and white fungus all the time. Under a black light at the doctor, the short fibers stick out ALL OVER MY BODY. DEVB IN SOUTH DAKOTA

Posted by keepnfaith81
17 Jan 2014, 04:54 AM

I've tried The first day I tried it I went thru 36 ounces of it and that's far to much but being horrified of what was going on with me I didn't think it couldn't possibly get any worse.... Wrong , I ended up freaking out because the stinging/bitting, the crawling sensation, the little white things that come out of your pours, the burning sensation in different parts of my body, and a weird dust ash type of substance on my clothes over the spots that got hot was by far my worst day of the symptoms. The next two following days had little to no "action" after 3 weeks of little to none symptoms it's started to Gear back up to how it was before I used the

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All these dates are old. Where are all the Morgellons sufferers now Created by Wendy Cooper
Last updated 1 Feb 2022, 09:04 PM

Posted by Jennlong74
1 Feb 2022, 09:04 PM

Omg!! I'm in the same boat... Symptoms became severe right before the pandemic hit and haven't been able to receive any kind of assistance from any medical professionals. I'm looking for any kind of information to treat this I've only come across vague medical studies or conspiracy type information... Honestly with what I've been experiencing and personal testing/research... I'm leaving towards the conspiracy type websites... I still look for scientific medical resources but they are so so limited with most still treating it as a possible psychological condition which we KNOW IS BULLSH@#!! I don't know what your symptoms are but I've had some really really secede issues which I think may have been a result from a co-infection I guess you'd say something disgusting tripped on me at work and I think it kicked this stuff into overdrive in any event just for curiosity sake there's something that's not medical or even logical but for some reason I've gotten relief from it perhaps you might too I'm almost curious to see if you try it if it would work. These fibers that are on at least my body are so difficult to get rid of sometimes a bunch of sometimes it's gotten so bad where it feels like it's almost choking me long story short I accidentally found something that relieved it at least in certain areas and I know this sounds crazy but maybe try it fabric softener. I started noticing when I was using extra fabric softener in my laundry in the lint screen there would be hundreds of little white balls in the with the normal lint. So for curiosity sake I ripped dryer sheet on a problem area and the tightness went away in that area for a short time and whenever I touch like say I'll like a severe lump area with dryer sheet it will relieve some of the tension. I know it sounds crazy but everything about this is crazy in general and there's definitely some kind of fibers that are on us so maybe the fabric softener softens up the fibers I don't know but I figured I'd just throw that out there and see maybe if it could be helpful or if you guys have any helpful information back.

Posted by stillsearching
29 Apr 2021, 11:58 PM

Hi, Wendy,

After lots of symproms and misdiagnoses I was diagnosed with Lyme and Bartonella via PCR testing last April (when Covid was exploding and things were shutting down fast)--but Morgellons was what pushed me physically and psychologically to the brink--and continues to plague me after a full year of aggressive treatment (antibiotics , herbs, etc). If you can give me an idea of your experience maybe we can help each other. 

With empathy,


Posted by Wendy Cooper
24 Feb 2021, 03:07 PM

I need some help getting rid of Morgellons!!


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Seeking Morgellons Patients with MRI Scans Created by sunnyand7777
Last updated 28 Nov 2021, 07:03 PM

Posted by Topsail Island Gurl
28 Nov 2021, 07:03 PM

Sunnyand7777, I have had Morgellons since 2010 and I have scans showing lesions on my white matter.  Happy to help you!


Topsail Island, NC


Posted by Josephine
21 Dec 2013, 04:09 PM

I have had several mri scans following a diagnosis of "empty cella syndrome". The first mri showed seizure activity. Three scans have been done since then and they all have shown seizure activity. I had been placed on seizure medication following the first mri. I did seek another opinion from a Neurologist because I have never had a seizure. He agreed with me and took me off the meds. My mri's continue to come back showing seizure activity and I continue to remain seizure free. My M.D. cannot explain why the tests show one thing, and yet I don't have seizures. I have not mentioned Morgellons to any physician due to articles I've read from Morgellons sufferers. I do not doubt that I have Morgellons. I have all the symptoms.

Posted by Peaceplayer
10 Dec 2013, 05:38 PM

I have had a recent Brain Scam

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Morgellons (NCS) treatment and eradication Created by Dreamgetter
Last updated 22 Jun 2021, 04:42 PM

Posted by Dreamgetter
22 Jun 2021, 04:42 PM

Hello, my name is Scott and I work at the Parasitology Center Inc. in Scottsdale, AZ. Our doctor Dr. Omar Amin has been researching Morgellons (NCS) since 1994. I would recommend you visit our website to learn more about the cause of Morgellons (NCS) which is that it is a toxicity disease typically due to dental toxicity (80% of the time) with the other 20% being toxic environmental exposure or recreational drug use (meth, cocaine, heroin, etc.). Secondary infections are very common with Morgellons (NCS) such as springtails living in the hair, fungus on the skin (fibers), black specks (spongiform of the fungus), lesions, etc. Not everyone will suffer from the same symptoms but the most indicative symptoms of Morgellons (NCS) are skin-crawling and pinprick sensations. This is due to the nerve synapses being corrupted and misfiring due to the body being overloaded with toxins and not being able to flush the toxins out of the body. The most important step in ridding oneself of Morgellons (NCS)(Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome) is to determine the source of toxicity which can be done with a blood compatibility test. Once you have determined your source of toxicity and removed it from the body and detox your storage organs Morgellons (NCS) can be eliminated. More information can be found here 

Undiagnosed Created by keepnfaith81
Last updated 17 Dec 2020, 12:33 AM

Posted by Bruce Wayne
17 Dec 2020, 12:33 AM

I have just recently found out about this disease.  I have been to the Drs an A&E 28 times in total. I believed I had a cotton nematode parasite inside me!! It's now been a year and a half and it's running me into the ground most days I get so depressed I feel like committing suicide. Thank god I have my kids who despite not living with me are the reason I dont take such drastic action. How do you all manage to cope? I'm not going to be able to convince my Dr I have this despite having all the symptoms and more. I have been diagnosed with delusional parasitosis 

Posted by judytoo
16 Jan 2014, 02:19 PM

keepnfaith, you will find that there isn't a Dr. anywhere that believes in it. Well, maybe a few. I went to so many Drs. and then I got scared cause I thought my County might lock me up. So I quit going. I was tired of being made a fool out of also; always being told I was delusional. Ha! I suffer from M and I will email you. That is really tough when you don't have the support you so desperately need. No one can say if it is contagious or not. I worry about my grandson cause he is only 5 months old but their parents aren't worried at all. makes me wonder if they really believe I have this. I will email you....Judy

Posted by keepnfaith81
16 Jan 2014, 02:59 AM

No doctor in Bakersfield Ca believes in this disease, I have a the symptoms and recently found out about it myself, after a year of living in hotels I've ran out of money I've moved in with some relatives, they believe it's delusional so aren't concerned about getting it. Can somebody please tell me if this M is contagious please, I'm having a hard enough time dealing with this and I'm terrified what can possibly happen if the two babies in the house were to get this, I don't know if I can handle knowing that I was the cause of it. Any info is more than appreciated. I would love to talk to someone or anyone that suffers from M. My personal email is Thank you for your time and god bless you all.

How to Raise Public Awareness? Created by kammy
Last updated 14 Oct 2014, 01:53 AM

Posted by smoothdeb
14 Oct 2014, 01:53 AM

the Charles E. Holman Foundation has a pamphlet that you can download on your computer, and give tons to the local clinics, doctors, health nursing fields, home health, public health, and anywhere else you can think of. Try to be polite and just ask if you may leave them with them. or put them in a rack with other literature. AS far as I am concerned, Mayo Clinic and the CDC are not reputable and I never quote what they say. smoothdeb

Posted by kammy
26 Nov 2008, 06:24 PM

There are so many hypothesis out there about what Morgellons is, they are not theories, because a theory is a tested hypothesis. In fact, from what I can tell - so far, as of today 11/21/08 - very little factual information is available to help us figure out what this is, what is causing it, how to manage and maintain it, and most of all how to cure it. The Medical Professionals have not taken our condition seriously and when we sought them out, we were called delusional. We have been forced to go into hiding, some of us quarantining ourselves from our friends and families - not even knowing if Morgellons is contagious. We are having to experiment with over-the-counter solutions, and household items that seemingly do not work to rid us of the pathogens, all we have at this time is the Internet to learn from each what we have found to help manage this terrible disease. People's lives have been and continue to be destroyed by this illness and yet, as of today - we are still getting very little support. We have to raise public awareness, to possibly get enough people involved that can get us some quick research done to inform our Health Care Professionals on what to look for and how to threat us. Supposedly, in a statement from Dr. Hildergard, 1,000 people a day, worldwide are showing signs of having this new epidemic disease. This is very alarming! The CDC is a military run organization, part of our Government that for whatever reason, has been totally ignorning Morgellons since 2002. They are currently in the process of a $300,000 study of 500 people in Oakland, CA - that's $5000 allocated for each person? And, we have to wait until next year to get any of these results. We are in a lot of trouble and we need help and we need to figure out how to get it. At this time, it doesn't appear that our Government Health Organizations are too much interested, in what has happened to us? What can we do? How can I or you, help wake up the people that have the most potential to help us? The clock is ticking and every day counts.

Intro Created by judytoo
Last updated 16 Jan 2014, 02:32 AM

Posted by keepnfaith81
16 Jan 2014, 02:32 AM

My names sal, I've been diagnosed with delusional parastosis, follicleides, eczema, gout. It's been a little over a year and numerous emergency room visits, doctor visits, dermatologist visits, I'm financial destroyed, I've lost everything I owned. About a year and a half ago the visible symptoms started.. A year ago all the other symptoms started, 3 months ago I found out what Morgellons symptoms are, I'm so sad that this is happening to me, I've been told so many times its in my head that I wanted to believe them but the more I research this disease what I prayed was a bad dream its confirmed that this is real by others that suffer from this horrific disease.

Posted by Peaceplayer
20 Dec 2013, 06:09 PM

Hello Judy, that was my mothers name. My name is Gina I am 48,a widow,from Independence Missouri I have had skin problems for 20 years started as hives which has manifested in many ways.Doctors have never been able to find out what was causing them.Just found out about MORGELLONS ABOUT 5 years ago. I have pictures that are really disturbing and no real support. My faith in God is what has sustained me.I am very sick now all kinds of surgery would love to talk to you further.God Bless

Posted by judytoo
10 Dec 2013, 09:29 PM

Hello Peaceplayer, I am so happy you came here as the messages are pretty old I did not know it was active any longer. I have had M for about 10 years. It first began with the rapid changes in my face which was the biofilm spreading on me, although I did not know it at the time. It was in 32008 that I first felt like something was moving on me. I have gotten rid of much of the biofilm build up but still have the movements...and of course like anyone else, most Drs. think I am delusional. Please tell me more about yourself. I hope we can become good friends as we go along here. I have so much to tell you and I'm sure you so as well. It will be nice getting to know each other. Looking forward to hearing back from you, judytoo

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Intro Created by judytoo
Last updated 9 Dec 2013, 05:37 PM

Posted by sunnyand7777
9 Dec 2013, 05:37 PM

Judy, There doesn't seem to be much going on here. Glad to see you're trying to stimulate interest. I am crunching on a time-sensitive project for The CEHF. Stopped to check this out when I got the email notice. Might want to direct anyone to our FB site and/or home page website for the present. Sunny

Posted by judytoo
9 Dec 2013, 04:13 PM

I am creating this new message in hopes of waking up this Community again. There has been much that has happened in the 5 years anyone has been here. So, before I go any further, I am going to wait and see if I get any response to this or if the group has completely died, like we wish M would.

The Ramblings of Kammy Created by kammy
Last updated 25 Feb 2009, 03:26 PM

Posted by kammy
25 Feb 2009, 03:26 PM

I have put my theory and observations on - in order to be 'centralized' in one place. Here is the link to my thread, you can reach me there:

Community Resources
Title Description Date Link
Dr. Omar M. Amin's Parisitology Center Inc.

Parasitology Center, Inc. has been working with Morgellons (hereafter referred to as Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome NCS) for over 15 years which Dr. Amin described from patients experiencing dermatological abnormalities (elevated itchy skin sores that may develop into mucoid lesions) and neurological symptoms (movement, pin prick or crawling sensations) caused by toxic exposures to a wide variety of factors. They provide a comprehensive and definitive evaluation including blood bio-compatibility testing, among others, and design a management program for individual patients' rehabilitation.

The Charles E. Holman Foundation


The Charles E. Holman Foundation is a grassroots organization that supports research, education, diagnosis and treatment of Morgellons Disease.


Ultimately, we seek discovery of it's cause and cure.



The Charles E. Holman Foundation exists to play an integral role in funding scientific research and spreading the understanding of Morgellons Disease to others.



The Charles E Holman Foundation is a 501(C) 3 Non-profit organization.



Our Mission: To create awareness and find factual knowledge about Morgellons Disease through:



>Funding and sponsorship of empirical scientific research


>Educating the medical community and the public


>Creating a patient support system


>Bringing accurate information to local, state and federal health agencies to enhance recognition for appropriate government action within their designated responsibilities and duties under the law.



Our Vision: We seek discovery of the cause and a cure for Morgellons Disease.


Clinical Trials

Cords registry

CoRDS, or the Coordination of Rare Diseases at Sanford, is based at Sanford Research in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It provides researchers with a centralized, international patient registry for all rare diseases. This program allows patients and researchers to connect as easily as possible to help advance treatments and cures for rare diseases. The CoRDS team works with patient advocacy groups, individuals and researchers to help in the advancement of research in over 7,000 rare diseases. The registry is free for patients to enroll and researchers to access.

Enrolling is easy.

  1. Complete the screening form.
  2. Review the informed consent.
  3. Answer the permission and data sharing questions.

After these steps, the enrollment process is complete. All other questions are voluntary. However, these questions are important to patients and their families to create awareness as well as to researchers to study rare diseases. This is why we ask our participants to update their information annually or anytime changes to their information occur.

Researchers can contact CoRDS to determine if the registry contains participants with the rare disease they are researching. If the researcher determines there is a sufficient number of participants or data on the rare disease of interest within the registry, the researcher can apply for access. Upon approval from the CoRDS Scientific Advisory Board, CoRDS staff will reach out to participants on behalf of the researcher. It is then up to the participant to determine if they would like to join the study.

Visit to enroll.

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I'm a 44 yr old disabled female Marine Veteran. I'm a writer. I'm a Morgellon's Disease victim. For now that's all I am as this disease is consumed every minute of every day...


After lots of symproms and misdiagnoses I was diagnosed with Lyme and Bartonella via PCR testing last April (when Covid was exploding and things were shutting down fast)--but...

Hi y'all! I'm glad I found this site...I'm tired of not being able to talk about this with anyone who understands how awful this is. I'm new to this, roughly 2 months in of knowing what it is. I've...
My life took an abrupt downturn on the day I broke out with this wretched affliction we call Morgellons. That was 8 years ago in 2008 I knew I was sick, so I took my laptop computer to bed and...
I am the parent of a son that is having these issues. I'm looking for others who might have more information.
HI, my friends call me Nicky. I have not had any Morgellons symptoms for over a year now. I had a terrifying journey for 14 months, experiencing around 95 per cent of the afflictions Morgellons...
I became disabled from working as a Registered Nurse in 2005. In a few years, I developed over 9 diagnosis of various forms, and then Morgellon symptoms began. Through and just web...
54 year old female with recurring & chronic lyme disease
I'm a 32 year old from Bakersfield California. I was born and raised in Tulare ca until 2004 I moved to Las Vegas Nevada. Mid 2011 I moved back to Tulare California... Early 2012 I moved from...
Have Morgellons Disease. I am a strong Christian and were it not for my faith in Jesus Christ, I could nt survive living daily with this disease.



I love to communicate with others, be...
I am a 72 year old female who began having unfamiliar and strange sensations on my scalp, back, mouth, and finally my entire body at one time or another. Each time I researched symptoms Morgellons...
I am suffering from morgellons in many ways.
I am a physician working with Sunny Simmons and others on understanding Morgellons disease better.
I suffer from a rare disorder called Morgellons and live in Western WA
I first learned that I had Morgellons about 14 months ago, after years of progressing debilitation. It wasn't until about 2 years ago that I had blatant symptoms that were really bizarre, but...
Gwen lives in Lakeland, Tn, a community just outside of Memphis. Graduating from Memphis State University (now The University of Memphis) in 1977, she worked at Baptist Memorial Hospital as Charge...
My name is David Isserman and I am one of the co-founders of RareShare. If you have any questions or feedback regarding RareShare, please feel free to contact me directly at

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people who are suffering NOT SELLING!!!

Created by Jennlong74 | Last updated 1 Feb 2022, 09:58 PM

What do YOU believe to be TRUE about Morgellons?

Created by kammy | Last updated 1 Feb 2022, 09:52 PM

Seeking Morgellons Patients with MRI Scans

Created by sunnyand7777 | Last updated 28 Nov 2021, 07:03 PM

Morgellons (NCS) treatment and eradication

Created by Dreamgetter | Last updated 22 Jun 2021, 04:42 PM


Created by keepnfaith81 | Last updated 17 Dec 2020, 12:33 AM

How to Raise Public Awareness?

Created by kammy | Last updated 14 Oct 2014, 01:53 AM


Created by judytoo | Last updated 16 Jan 2014, 02:32 AM


Created by judytoo | Last updated 9 Dec 2013, 05:37 PM

The Ramblings of Kammy

Created by kammy | Last updated 25 Feb 2009, 03:26 PM


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