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keepnfaith81 Message
16 Jan 2014, 02:59 AM

No doctor in Bakersfield Ca believes in this disease, I have a the symptoms and recently found out about it myself, after a year of living in hotels I've ran out of money I've moved in with some relatives, they believe it's delusional so aren't concerned about getting it. Can somebody please tell me if this M is contagious please, I'm having a hard enough time dealing with this and I'm terrified what can possibly happen if the two babies in the house were to get this, I don't know if I can handle knowing that I was the cause of it. Any info is more than appreciated. I would love to talk to someone or anyone that suffers from M. My personal email is Thank you for your time and god bless you all.
judytoo Message
16 Jan 2014, 02:19 PM

keepnfaith, you will find that there isn't a Dr. anywhere that believes in it. Well, maybe a few. I went to so many Drs. and then I got scared cause I thought my County might lock me up. So I quit going. I was tired of being made a fool out of also; always being told I was delusional. Ha! I suffer from M and I will email you. That is really tough when you don't have the support you so desperately need. No one can say if it is contagious or not. I worry about my grandson cause he is only 5 months old but their parents aren't worried at all. makes me wonder if they really believe I have this. I will email you....Judy