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How to Raise Public Awareness?

kammy Message
26 Nov 2008, 06:24 PM

There are so many hypothesis out there about what Morgellons is, they are not theories, because a theory is a tested hypothesis. In fact, from what I can tell - so far, as of today 11/21/08 - very little factual information is available to help us figure out what this is, what is causing it, how to manage and maintain it, and most of all how to cure it. The Medical Professionals have not taken our condition seriously and when we sought them out, we were called delusional. We have been forced to go into hiding, some of us quarantining ourselves from our friends and families - not even knowing if Morgellons is contagious. We are having to experiment with over-the-counter solutions, and household items that seemingly do not work to rid us of the pathogens, all we have at this time is the Internet to learn from each what we have found to help manage this terrible disease. People's lives have been and continue to be destroyed by this illness and yet, as of today - we are still getting very little support. We have to raise public awareness, to possibly get enough people involved that can get us some quick research done to inform our Health Care Professionals on what to look for and how to threat us. Supposedly, in a statement from Dr. Hildergard, 1,000 people a day, worldwide are showing signs of having this new epidemic disease. This is very alarming! The CDC is a military run organization, part of our Government that for whatever reason, has been totally ignorning Morgellons since 2002. They are currently in the process of a $300,000 study of 500 people in Oakland, CA - that's $5000 allocated for each person? And, we have to wait until next year to get any of these results. We are in a lot of trouble and we need help and we need to figure out how to get it. At this time, it doesn't appear that our Government Health Organizations are too much interested, in what has happened to us? What can we do? How can I or you, help wake up the people that have the most potential to help us? The clock is ticking and every day counts.
smoothdeb Message
14 Oct 2014, 01:53 AM

the Charles E. Holman Foundation has a pamphlet that you can download on your computer, and give tons to the local clinics, doctors, health nursing fields, home health, public health, and anywhere else you can think of. Try to be polite and just ask if you may leave them with them. or put them in a rack with other literature. AS far as I am concerned, Mayo Clinic and the CDC are not reputable and I never quote what they say. smoothdeb