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What do YOU believe to be TRUE about Morgellons?

kammy Message
11 Nov 2008, 06:24 AM

This thread is for people who are pretty sure that you have the condition known as "Morgellons" to make posts sharing our personal information - so that we might help each other deal with this disabling condition. I would like to hear your inner thoughts as to - what you believe has happened or is happening to you? - your personal theories - and especially from those that have had Morgellons awhile - what are you noticing is happening to your body, mind, etc., the longer you have Morgellons? Also - how are you managing it, what have you tried that seems to help, what are your current issues, do you have any good results to share, Do you think it's contagious and why? Have you found any good healthcare sources? What do you find to be the 'strangest aspect' about this disease?... etc. Just whatever, you want to share...
kammy Message
26 Nov 2008, 06:04 PM

Hello Everyone - I see that quite a few of us are here, however, we're not communcating. It's kind of difficult figure out how to post here, but if look on the top left to "Forum" - and manuever around - you'll get here. I'm a Morgellon's sufferer and would like to interact with others with this condition for the purpose of support and sharing our information. I look forward to seeing your post.
keepnfaith81 Message
17 Jan 2014, 04:54 AM

I've tried The first day I tried it I went thru 36 ounces of it and that's far to much but being horrified of what was going on with me I didn't think it couldn't possibly get any worse.... Wrong , I ended up freaking out because the stinging/bitting, the crawling sensation, the little white things that come out of your pours, the burning sensation in different parts of my body, and a weird dust ash type of substance on my clothes over the spots that got hot was by far my worst day of the symptoms. The next two following days had little to no "action" after 3 weeks of little to none symptoms it's started to Gear back up to how it was before I used the
smoothdeb Message
14 Oct 2014, 01:50 AM

* I use homemade soaps that contain one or more of the following: oatmeal, clay, tea tree oil, sulfur, coconut, mainly. I use it all over, inside my ears where the fungal mites bite and crawl out of, as well as my nose and corners of my mouth. It keeps them at bay so I don't itch and scratch in public. For itching, I take hydroxyzine or atarax 100 mg prn from my doctor. I give it to whomever needs it, as he supplies it by the hundreds in my prescription. Keeping your hands clean and OFF YOUR BODY, is what works for me. If you can't afford handmade soaps, use original selenium Head and Shoulders for a few bucks a bottle. It burns the crotch, but I believe it works there, too. I suffer from fungus, that is my main complaint. I have it in my teeth, nose, eyes, ears, throat, ears canals, mouth, and lungs. 6 of my toenails have been permanently removed from fungus, and my nails are full of black and white fungus all the time. Under a black light at the doctor, the short fibers stick out ALL OVER MY BODY. DEVB IN SOUTH DAKOTA