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anyone with this disease?

tresa Message
14 Dec 2008, 12:44 AM

I live in Nashville Tenn. And recently went through both sugeries on both sides of the brain. There is a excellent Dr. @ Vanderbilt Medical Center who is well experienced in treating Moyamoya and his name is Dr. Robert Mericle..what a name huh? And he truly is a miracle. My first surgery was 15 1/2 long. I went straight to intensive care and came home 2 days later..My head wasn't even shaved only a partial cut that he needed to do for the surgery. 1st surgery was on 10/23/06..most recent 6/2/08. No major complications whatsoever. I would recommend this Dr. to anyone with MM.
cmondiaz Message
28 Feb 2009, 04:24 AM

Hi there! There is a Moyamoya center at Stanford University that is headed by Dr. Steinberg who is the chief neurosurgeon and also does research on the disease. I have heard many good things about him. I myself had my surgeries performed in Berlin, Germany (I live in the U.K. now) and the Dr. there also researches the disease and has a lot of experience with Moyamoya patients.
Kristi1 Message
25 Aug 2014, 09:46 PM

I was my neurosurgeons first Moya Moya patient, if I had know that before surgery I would have went somewhere else. Was done 11-26-12 at St. Louis University Hospital. Second stroke in 6-2013 had second right sided surgery on 11-12-13 by Dr. Steinberg at Stanford, 6 month post testing showed I still have blood flowing to my brain, instead of pre-surgery neg. flow.