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Progression of CBD

Rosiemama Message
17 Dec 2010, 12:56 PM

Hello everyone My father-in-law was diagnosed with CBD in July after a few years of experiencing symptoms that puzzled all of his doctors. What stage are your loved ones in and how fast has this disease progressed for them? One of his arm's started jerking a few years ago, followed by loss of peripheral vision. A year and a half ago he had to stop driving because he could not keep the car in the proper lane. Now he can't read because he can't track the lines, he can't put his clothes on properly, he must use a walker because his sense of balance is very bad, and he has trouble using everyday items. He says he knows what he should do with them but he can't make his hands do what they should do. He is also cold almost all of the time. Does anyone have any suggestions or practical tips? Have you tried occupational therapy? Thanks, Rosiemama
grammyd1952 Message
6 Nov 2012, 03:18 AM

i have had cbdg diagnosed 1 year ago, i have had physical therapy, it does not work, unless you and the patient are100^ committed. i am not that committed someone suggested i start on longvida, fish oil, vit d, c, b, ans o2q10. if you really want the dose let me know