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Just to say hello.

Robert Message
20 Aug 2010, 11:40 PM

After finding out I have a Lipoma on the brain, I've done a ton of research trying to learn as much as possible. Everything the "Experts" say tell me that this can't be the cause of some of my symptoms such as Fatigue, headaches, depression, among others. However, I've discovered through reading that others with the same Dx have many of the same symptoms. As I have time, I'll try to find some of the resources I've read and add them to the community, but this is merely a hello message. I'll know more when I see my neurologist next week.
bebeinmd Message
25 Dec 2010, 05:12 AM

i would like to hear did your appt. go? you may need to go through a few (or more) neurologists before you find one you trust or feel comfortable with. My first one was horrible. second one was good but couldn't help with my other issues (dystonia, myoclonus). went to johns-hopkins movement disorder clinic. they were fascinated with my tectal lipoma, but they don't do anything about them unless they cause trouble. they wanted me to have a local neuro they could work with so on to my fourth neuro, whom i like also, but she doesn't really specialize in movement disorders either, so looking for number five. oh well. she doesn't really care about the lipoma either. i'm pretty sure mine is interfering with my spinal fluid flow so back to johns-hopkins i go. waiting for approval.