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vitamin b12 deficiency

sunlover Message
22 Jul 2009, 12:11 AM

I have primary Addison's disease. I was diagnosed in 1999. I also have hypothyroidism, I am doing well. I recently got a new endo who said I have vitamin b12 deficiency. I am giving myself shots for this once a month. Anyone have this same experience? How about vitamin D defiency? How common is this to happen?
lfedeli0420 Message
4 Oct 2010, 06:22 PM

Hi, I too have hypothyroidism and addison's disease and a previous endo of mine put me on b12 shots to be taken monthly. They worked fine, but I discontinued the shots after about a year. No specific reason I stopped, but I will also say that I couldn't really tell a difference when taking the shots and when not taking the shots. Not sure if I have a vitamin D deficency, but I don't drink milk, so I probably do. How did you end up with Addison's? Just curious. Never met anyone with Addison's and I was diagnosed about 16 years ago, when in the 8th grade. Leah