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Coping with chronic skin condition

kerry Message
7 Apr 2009, 05:26 AM

As the mother of a pyoderma gangrenosum sufferer I find it very difficult to work out how to cope with scrapes and scratches. Do we need to treat each one as a potential lesion?
shirley_ann Message
3 Jun 2009, 03:29 PM

I'm so sorry for your child who has this, I treat each scrape or scratch as if it may become PG, but I'm not really sure what to do except put on some steroid cream and bandaid and wait 5 days. I personally believe that if our sed rate is low and near the normal range scrapes won't turn into PG so I try very hard to keep my inflammation down with diet.
kerry Message
4 Jun 2009, 10:05 AM

Hi Shirley Ann, I'm interested to read about your success with diet. We have also found great success with nutritional supplements and detoxing our house so that all the personal care products we use have no harmful ingredients. My daughters scar is also healing really well which I put down to the Hydrofera blue dressing and a specific oil I use.