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Participate in Research Study on Angelman Syndrome

deepask1 Message
24 Sep 2016, 05:03 PM

RESEARCH STUDY: Angelman Syndrome investigators at University of California San Diego are partnering with facial recognition software developers to attempt to create a program that will assist doctors in recognizing Angelman Syndrome as early as possible so therapies can begin. This software, if successful may assist doctors in knowing which of their nonverbal and/or happy patients with intellectual disability should be tested. Patients with Angelman Syndrome and their siblings are needed. Please see below for more details. p=. What for? To develop a facial recognition software program that can help identify Angelman syndrome and Angelman-like syndromes p=. Why? To help clinicians decide what testing to order so that accurate diagnoses can be made as early as possible p=. What? Photos of faces taken from the front and/or from the side (profile) with any digital camera (not scanned images), for which you know the date of the photo p=. Who? Any child with *** syndrome and his/her siblings (controls are just as important!) p=. How? Contact Rachel Winograd, RN at 858-966-8453 or by email at HYPERLINK "" for more information or to enroll. Images can be e-mailed. Hints: 1. relaxed faces (neither smiling nor frowning) are best, but any will do 2. whole body photos are okay, we can crop out what isn’t needed 3. photos with other people in the are also okay, we can crop them out 4. any age okay, even babies!