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Garrymac Message
13 Sep 2016, 11:27 PM

Hi , never been a member of a forum before so here goes,,,my wife Janice (55) is now in a hospital bed at home and in the latter stages of Corticobasal degeneration...6 weeks ago we were going for runs in the car and for dinner etc,although I had to physically feed her etc..then she got constipated after discharging more than ample faeces ...along with her 6 monthly fall ...she ended up in hospital to clear the constipation and on getting X rayed there was no damage to her after the fall...she now is totally helpless at home getting liquidised food and incontinent ....all in the space of 6 weeks...carers 4 times a day main worry at the moment is that she maybe in pain as for about 6-7 hours every day she looks like she's possessed by a demon and dizapam etc only relief it briefly...she's aggressive and tries to hit out then out of the blue she calms down and becomes placid and loving ...I'd like to ask has anyone on here ever experienced the likes of this with their loved one...thanks for reading this Garry