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Eagle Syndrome Intro

AussieEagle Message
28 Aug 2015, 10:42 AM

Hi there, My name is Angie. I've recently been diagnosed with Eagle Syndrome, & would love o meet others who also have it, or have had surgery to correct it. Looking forward to chatting. Cheers
lalasmomallie Message
25 Jun 2016, 03:38 AM

Hi Angie. I just found this site and have just been diagnosed. I'm in the southern US. Can't find a surgeon to speak with about helping relieve this pain. What about you?
Mgoodson8p Message
6 Nov 2016, 09:53 PM

I live in North Alabama. I was diagnosed with Eagles about 4 years ago. Mine had calcified and was sharp as a needle. It was causing neck and jaw pain and eventually it started poking me. I was referred to an ENT at UAB in the Kirkland Clinic. He removed my right styloid and tonsil. I have had no more pain once I healed.