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idiopathic hypersomnolance

alvpepsi Message
8 Jul 2012, 09:13 PM

I have tried a few different medications my doctor gave me. The first one worked for quite awhile then I must of gotten used to it. Besides it not working as well it made my small OCD issues worse. This one I can not take again. One thing I was obsessed with was picking at my arm. It got very bad and I showed my doctor. I have tried two more different medicines and am not having much luck with them. I would love any input from other people. I have noticed my memory is getting worse even though I was forgetful before. It makes it hard to do things, especially things I love. If anyone has any ideas to help please let me know. Thank you very much!
CKELL00E Message
9 Jul 2012, 05:37 AM

Hello, I have been taking Nuvil for about 8 months now. It helps enough that im not sleeping/blanking out during conversations anymore. Probably the most benifit i got from it was a clearer head and with that came a stronger short term memory. For me it does not have the effects of a full stimulant like Aderol, nor the highs and lows. The bad part is that it is addictive and without it I am a witch with a capital B. I find that a strict sleep/wake/med schedule works the best for me. Unfortunatly that mesns my family has to endure it also. Hope that helped. Chris