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Stiff-Man Syndrome

What is Stiff-Man Syndrome?

Stiff-Man Syndrome is a rare neurological disorder characterized by progressively severe muscle stiffness, most commonly in the spine and lower extremities.


Stiff-Man Syndrome is a rare neurological disorder characterized by progressively severe muscle stiffness, most commonly in the spine and lower extremities.
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Synonyms for Stiff-Man Syndrome has not been added yet. ... Excerpt....The symptom complex of SMS suggests a derangement of physiology mediated by spinal cord reflexes however the specific mechanism of disease has not been defined. Stiffness, spasms, pain, trigger response and falls could all result from failed modulation of spinal cord reflexes. The neurons controlling these functions use gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) as a neurotransmitter and are called GABAergic neurons. GAD (glutamic acid decarboxylase) is an enzyme which produces GABA and is localized to the synaptic nerve terminal. GAD is the protein antigen that is specifically bound by the anti-GAD auto-antibodies found in approximately half of SMS patients. First described by Solimena and coworkers in 1988, at high titer anti-GAD autoantibodies are almost exclusively associated with SMS. Sporadic reports of association with cerebellar ataxia, type I (autoimmune) diabetes and autoimmune polyendocrine syndrome have been made. At low titer anti-GAD antibodies are found in type I diabetes; pancreatic beta cells, like GABAergic neurons, express GAD. Although the presence of high titer anti-GAD antibodies is highly specific for SMS, the role that the humoral immune system plays in pathogenesis of this disease is unclear. It is not known whether the antibodies have a causative role or are the consequence of a process that leads to impairment of neurotransmission. Please link to find more information.
Progressively severe muscle stiffness typically develops in the spine and lower extremities; often beginning very subtly during a period of emotional stress. Most patients experience painful episodic muscle spasms that are triggered by sudden stimuli. An auto-immune component is typical and patients often have other auto-immune disorders.
Positive GAD65 antibodies can confirm diagnosis in about 60%
Diagnostic tests of Stiff-Man Syndrome has not been added yet
The most consistently effective therapy is benzodiazepines. Also, prednisone, immunoglobulin or plasmapheresis .
The course of SPS is variable.
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Stiff-Man Syndrome Created by keepindafaith
Last updated 21 Jul 2014, 06:26 AM

Posted by lancastermtn
21 Jul 2014, 06:26 AM

I have SPS had multiple positive GAD antibodies while already on Immine globulin therapy due to having CVID...long story. I am on diazepam along with hizentra infuse daily and they upped my dose of mycofenilate mofitile now not having severe spasm attacks that cause me to fall as much. Literally had 4 to 5 severe attacks a week then once All my doctors talked. .what a concept ... I am now starting to slow the progression down or so it seems that way. Staying positive and having a doctor that "won't give up on me" helps dramatically :)

Posted by ccpkoblentz
23 Mar 2011, 08:21 PM

Hi all, I hope you still check once in a while. Ask about baclofen. I think it comes in tablets as well as intrathecal (pumped into your spine). My niece has this disease, as well as MS, and she has the aggressive form. She is in a wheelchair, and no longer on a ventilator with the IViG. She can move again. "Aunt Merry"

Posted by ganana
17 Feb 2010, 06:11 PM

I'm no longer able to work as of the end of Jan. '10. On Long Term Disability & going to try for SS disability.

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I was diagnosed with SPS a year ago. Frustrated by lack of quality care from doctors and unpredictability of disease.
I am married and have one child Katie she is 19. I live in a small town and have 2 dogs and 3 cats. I am very spiritual. I try to push myself to keep trying as hard as I can. I have had sps for...
After raising 5 children now enjoying 2 grandchildren living life with multiple rare diseases has it's challenges however these diseases do not define me. Many days my body fails me but a I refuse...
Hi. :) My name is Alma and I am married to my best friend!



I was diagnosed with Stiff-Person Syndrome (finally in November 2010 after years of misdiagnosis and countless tests!). I...
I was diagnosed with stiff person syndrome in 2007, and would like to meet others with this rare disorder.
I have a possible diagnosis of stiff person syndrome.
It's almost been 4 years since I started having


symptoms of numbness and tingling in my feet and moved up through my legs. Doctors


did extensive tests MRI's (2), lumbar puncture


Diagnosed April 2008.

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Stiff-Man Syndrome

Created by keepindafaith | Last updated 21 Jul 2014, 06:26 AM


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