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chitown35 Message
13 Apr 2012, 04:37 PM

My aplastic anemia was caused by using cyclosporine for another condition t-cell Lgl. Last year I was tranfusion dependent through dcember. My platelets were between 7000-20000 and my hgb was between 7-8 for a couple months and I was transfusion dependen through December. I recived h-atg treatment in July and was weened off of cyclosporine. My counts are slowly starting to rise on their own. I still feel tired but last lab had my anc at 600 my hgb at 11.6 and platelets at 59000. I haven't had Neulast in a little over 2 mos.My doctor seemed happy with the results. I'm not sure if this mentioned to you as a treatment or not but hopefully the numbers keep increasing.
LaurieB Message
2 Sep 2012, 08:29 PM

Chitown35 - just checking in to see how it is going with you. I did have the r-atg treatment in fall of 2010, then the h-atg in January of this year. The treatments worked tremendously well, but then failed, the second after only 4 months. So I am going for a stem cell transplant now at MD Anderson, where I have been being treated for the aplastic anemia and original diagnosis of T-LGL. As I understand it once the two atg treatments fail, a transplant is really the only long term option. Can't say that I am happy about the statistics - apparently the aplastic anemia is cured in only 50% of the cases and the short term mortality (first 30-60 days) is around 15-20% in leukemia patients. I am guessing there are enough AA tranplants to have reliable statistics. I do have an exact sibling donor so that's a good thing. No particular symptoms other than extreme fatigue and of course the hypocellularity in the bone marrow used to diagnose AA. White counts drop significantly and are supported by Neupogen, hemoglobing drops very slowly and my platelets are excellent.
LaurieB Message
2 Sep 2012, 08:31 PM

Should have been 'NOT enough AA transplants to have reliable statistics.