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RSLancastr Message
27 Nov 2011, 03:25 PM

At one time, I was a moderator for, known as The Congenital Anosmia Forum. Then, on August 4, 2008, I was hospitalized (see my thread "My Stroke" for details). Once I was discharged back home (June 30 2009), I tried to log into, only to find that it no longer existed! Unfortunately, my PC suffered a hard drive crash while I was in hospital, so I lost all of the contact info I had for my friends at :( Does anyone here have any contact with anyone from the old If so, please contact me with them at Sadly, all I remember of the people from there is this: The owner and administrator of the site was a woman named Steph, who lived (I believe) in Hawaii. The other moderators on the site were: 1. Polarbear - he was fond of (what he referred to as "wielding the Banhammer - banning any miscreants (such as Spammers) from the site. His avatar was a graphic of a polar bear using an innertube as a sled. 2. Breanne18 - A woman I corresponded with a fair amount.. Her avatar was a female D&D-type character holding a sword. Any info anyone may have on the site, or these people, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, RSL