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new member, new topic- HS

lilacmoon99 Message
24 Nov 2008, 07:52 PM

My profile explains what I've been going through- but if anyone wants to compare what works- that'd be great. Thanks! Lizzie
bernie Message
11 Feb 2009, 03:51 PM

Hi All, Please read my profile where I detail what is working for me to keep HS in remission. Feel free to update here with questions and I'll respond with what information I can. Just joined and figuring out how to use this site. Bernie
lilacmoon99 Message
21 Feb 2009, 05:16 PM

Thanks Bernie, I think these ideas will help me at my next visit! Just a few questions, did you have hirsutism as well (thats male pattern hair growth)? What about excessive vaginal mucous, was that an issue? I get low sugar and no matter how much I eat always feel "wafery." Not strong, but weak. Did you feel this way? Lizzie
bernie Message
22 Feb 2009, 05:11 PM

Hi Lizzie, Hirsutism is connected to excess male hormones in women...that was the connection I made that led me to the Spironolactone prescription. The low sugar and weak symptoms point to insulin resistance....make sure your doctor orders a HbA1C blood test. If you are insulin resistant your doctor should start you on medication (I take Metformin). And btw, while some doctors will say a result of 6 on the blood test indicates you are not IR, other doctors would. You might want to do some research on PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). See if you can find a paper by Dr. Samuel Thatcher called PCOS 101. It was thru his work I made the connections between HS and insulin resistance and androgen levels. Editing this post to add that the paper I referenced above is really titled PCOS: The Hidden Epidemic. Bernie
freelikeabird Message
29 Nov 2018, 03:10 AM




 I am a healed case of Hidradenitis or HS.

How did I do it?


I’ve tried everything  most HS patients would do but never got the healing, I

   was   frustrated.


But then I used the method of Claire ( not her real name)  but she uses that

name in her blog /article and got herself healed.


It should be a good idea to follow one  who has been there & done something that

gave good results.

I followed her method and it worked.

The hardest part is  learn & be gluten-free because gluten antibodies causes HS.

Once you are well you can go back to eating gluten.



Read Claires blog at