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dillworth Message
16 Mar 2011, 02:19 AM

I have a son with jra he is 12 now has had since he was 4 now on new medicine injections humiria. Was on enbrel injections got to where didn't help and mri showed very active arthritis in ankles so they switched him to humiria. This drug burns him once given he says the inside of him having hard time giving him this medicine. He is also on methotrexlate pills. He is having very hard time with ankles hurting and heels. He went to football practice tonight and he said ankles and heels hurt so bad i just want to sit. Does anyone have any advice or info to give me to help him so my son doesn't hurt after one day of practice with the sport he loves. Thanks Marsha
tarah Message
16 Mar 2011, 03:35 AM

Hey girl, I am glad you found your way to this site. I sure hope you get out of it what I have. Hopewfully someone will connect with you and give you the advice you want and need. I am starting to feel the anxiety and fears you have had for so long. It is a battle for me and jerrod and the kineret injections. If there is anyone that you can talk to and compare stories you will truly start to see the same situations that you and Reed are going thru. Lots of luck in finding what you need to make this more tolerable for both of you. Love you all!!! TARA
tarah Message
18 Mar 2011, 04:00 AM

hey i looked up kineret what jt is getting for mws and it had alot of success stories from jra patients, you may want to ask dr, dly injectoin though, it may be worth it.