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chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy

joanf Message
28 Sep 2008, 04:54 PM

Husband diagnosed with cidp from all tests of emg,and nerve bioposy. Has been treated since Janurary 2008 but 2nd opinion now says no cidp. He has had symptoms for 3 years and could not find the help necessary to diagnosis. You would be surprised at how many neurologists and doctors do not know what to do or look for. Thought we finally had a diagnosis until 2nd opinion says no. Still waiting (one month now) for final diagnosis. Need to get 3rd opinion as 2nd disagrees with cidp. Nerve bioposy back in Jan 2008 did not show onion bulbing which the doc did not explain to us and I have been on another support system that says if none shown then it is not cidp. We have had alot of treatments for cidp and now being told it may not be it. Time is wasting for my husband. He needs firm dx and treatment as he is getting worse.
Fleetman46 Message
27 Sep 2019, 02:02 AM