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candida glabrata

Loretta Message
16 Sep 2010, 02:39 PM

I have been diagnosed with Candida Glabrata, and am currently on IV Caspofungin. Diflucan won't even touch it. I did a 14 day round of Caspofungin IV in July of this year, one month later it's back again, this time my doc is putting me on a 6 week dose 50ml once a day, I also have Lichen scelroses. Has anyone else out there been treated for Glabrata? I'm 63, menopause for 5 years now. It started out a candida 2 years ago and I was always given Diflucan, after awhile even that wouldn't get rid of it. I'm also on oral and vaginal hormones. Any feed back would be appreciated.