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Welcome !

meemaw Message
19 Mar 2010, 11:57 AM

Hi Summerallyear ! Welcome to the Pachygyria group !
summerallyear Message
21 Mar 2010, 02:31 PM

Hi, Mom!!! ;-) I haven't gotten a chance to write here yet, but I'll get to it soon. To those of you who are wondering what the heck is going on, "Mee-Maw" is the grandmother of my son who has pachygyria. My son's name is Bradley, and he will be eight years old this summer. Bradley has two younger sisters who are five and three, and I believe he's a typical big brother to those girls, as he's very protective, but also the one who picks on them. LOL. Anyway, Bradley was diagnosed with pachygyria when he was eight months old and has been receiving occupational and speech therapy since then, as well as speech therapy since he was two years old. Bradley also has epilepsy, although he's only had one pretty bad seizure, the EEGs keep coming back abnormal, so he's taking medication to help prevent any further seizures. Anyway, Bradley is a very active boy, and although he struggles with math, reading, writing, and some physical activities, he's probably the most loving and active boys I've ever met. He loves watching football and hockey (Eagles and Flyers :-) ), playing video games (typical eight-year-old boy thing), and absolutely LOVES playing outside... doing anything, really. He loves riding his scooter, playing anything with a ball, running, and helping with yardwork... imagine that! He's a wonderful helper, and feels great pride in his accomplishments. Bradley is also a Tiger Cub Scout and plays t-ball and coach pitch baseball in the spring. We try to keep him active and involved with other kids as much as possible, and he seems to be very well known at his school. These things were once a HUGE worry of mine... and I'm so very thankful that he's been able to fit in pretty well even with some of the setbacks he's had to and continues to face. Anyway, I've got more I could write, but not enough time at the moment to do so. Thanks for welcoming me to the group!