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kc0509 Message
20 Feb 2010, 02:19 AM

Hi, I picked this community because it is close to my son's diagnosis. He has a 5p deletion and the geneticist was pretty sure he had Cri du Chat but it turns out he has partial trisomy 11 as well as the 5p deletion (unbalanced translocation). So, hope you don't mind me hopping in here. My little guy will be 5 in April. He is pretty significantly delayed, more so I think than most kids with cri du chat. He started walking last summer, but he still prefers to crawl in the house. He doesn't feed himself and needs food pureed. He used to say about 10 words but lost his speech around age 3. It turns out that he has progressive hearing loss and wears hearing aids now. He also has reactive airway disease, seizures, a couple heart surgeries, hernias, and so forth. More importantly, he is just about the sweetest, cutest little man you could ever meet and he gives big hugs to everyone in reach. That's a little bit of our story. I'd love to hear yours, especially anything you can share about speech and feeding. Thanks! -Dawn