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An article about our genetic testing experience

AndreainArkansas Message
13 Feb 2010, 11:08 PM

I writeon AC to express frustrations with being chronically ill but also to spread the word on our experience with genetic testing and Cowden's. I cannot share individual links but if you look there is a lot about my experiences. I can remember hearing of Cowden's and not knowing for certain I had it until I read others' stories. The MSN group that helped me was taken down so I'm honestly just sharing this with you guys as one person's experience.
AndreainArkansas Message
13 Feb 2010, 11:15 PM

P.S. As of right now the article on genetic testing is on the first page about six articles down. The article about growing up with an unknown medical condition is on the second page--it was my second article written for the site. There are several in the middle about the cancers involved as well. If you read them and want to talk with me--need someone to scream with about how insane all the testing and surgeries are-- then please send me a message there. People tend to leave mean comments so I don't look at those. I've only been diagnosed since 2007 but the symptoms began when I was 6. We thought it was just me but the geneticist seems to think my sister also has it and my kids as well. I'm an extremely strrong case in presentation so I'm trying to remember that and not freak out but it is really, really hard, Anyway I've had lots of experiene with the worries of cancer and look forward to maybe seeing at least one of you guys there since this forum isn't very active at all.