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painful thighs

jhewels Message
7 Feb 2010, 04:17 AM

Hi i am new to this site, and also suffer from Dercum's. i have recently had 20 lipomas removed and more have grown bak but the pain is worst in my inner thighs. i have other areas that cause pain but for me that is the worst location. i am having more removed this month. the dematologist tells me I am his lipoma girl. It is hard to convince others about this real disease. there is a doc who says he knows about it but when he talsk you know he doesn't that can be irritating. and trying to convince others how painful this disease can be is awful. we should not have to go through this but we must if we will help ourselves or others down the line. i take medication that helps with the pain but some days it's not enough. i have spoken to the doctor who specializes in dercum's and she is great and understanding but she lives in San Diego so i cannot go there. but if it comes down to it I will travel just to have a consult with here. she is willing to look at my pathology when i have it sent to her. I read that people with this disease have larger fat cells than in others without this disease. It is sad that people will just see the fat and not the disease that caused the fat. I am overweight and have typeIII Dercums. I have a set of doctors who are treating me for this disease and I am trying to get the word around as much as I can. well i hope to chat with other members. Till the goodnight!