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Multiple sclerosis 'blood blockage theory' tested

fdemiranda Message
29 Jan 2010, 11:33 AM

"Multiple sclerosis 'blood blockage theory' tested": Came across this article which if true, could really have an impact on the approach to MS. As both MS and AMN have similar demyelinating effects… always have wondered if the progress and new findings within MS could also apply for AMN. What do you think?
chrisphillips71 Message
29 Jan 2010, 06:06 PM

Another exciting MS related development is the approval of fampridine-sr, which has been found to improve impulse conduction in nerve fibers. Fampridine will be marketed starting in March under the name of Ampyra. See e.g. "Oral MS Drug Fampridine is Trifecta of Firsts for People with MS, Says National MS Society":