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New to HE and very confused!

cagles6 Message
27 Jan 2010, 06:00 AM

My 11 yr old daughter was diagnosed July 09 with HE, after 3 seizure like activities; 1 in April 09, 1 in May 09, 1 in June 09- each putting her into a coma for 3-4 days and needed to be put on a ventilator. Her diagnoses came from a Fellow at the Cleveland Clinic. In June her TSH and Microsomal antibodies levels were elevated and she went through the IVIG treatment for 5 days with another 5 day tapper of the Prednisone. Today we learned her TSH is at 5.55 and Microsomal antibodies are 808. Both of these numbers are higher than when she was diagnosed however the doctor is not going to do anything except increase her synthoid (not sure if I spelled that right) . I am very confused by this. Wondering if that is what is typically done? Or should I be looking for a different doctor? Any advise will be deeply appropriated. Thank you , Luddie