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Other moms

Deena8178 Message
28 Nov 2009, 07:23 AM

I wanted to add that there is a group of other moms I talk to with kids with AHO as well. I am also on Facebook and can be found under Deena Hearn.
michiganmum Message
28 Nov 2009, 03:19 PM

Hi! I would love to pass along your facebook link to my sister-in-law who has two children recently diagnosed with AHO. Which Deena Hearn are you? :)
Deena8178 Message
28 Nov 2009, 03:46 PM

I didn't know there was more than one listed LOL I am from the longview/tyler area I think LOL I have my profile pic of my wedding picture of my and my hubby with a mint green ribbon in top corner.
michiganmum Message
29 Nov 2009, 05:40 AM

Thank you :)
christamarcksehl Message
30 Nov 2009, 10:24 PM

Hello, my name is Christa Marcks-Ehl. You can find me on Facebook as well....when requesting me as a friend write a little note just saying in relation to Rareshare so I know to accept you. Christa Hannis Marcks-Ehl is my link name. Please feel free to ask me whatever I have not been offended by ANYTHING in about 8
AHOmom1 Message
10 Feb 2010, 09:50 PM

Any tips on preparing a child for all of the evaluations and tests to confirm an AHO diagnosis? I can handle the eye and dental appointments. It's the blood draws, x-ray, and endocrinology appointment that are of concern.