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saying Hi

kaycee Message
16 Oct 2009, 01:48 AM

Not been much happening lately im still awaiting my referral and appointment to go to Rochester my doctors office called two weeks ago and said they were starting on it but no contact since then,,Did any of you attend the conference in Orlando,, I havent seen much input on the conference in the ppa-listserve yet..Im thinking about sending in 20 dollars for the disc on the previous conference..Kathy how are you doing? do you have an appointment yet? Did you learn much Loren, you attended the conference didnt you? Hope everyone is well all for now, karen
beryma Message
23 Oct 2009, 01:55 PM

Hi Karen, I was surprised to see new posts as I usually am notified by e-mail about any activity on this site. I am doing well. I have an appt. on Nov. 11 with a doc in Toronto. As always I am optimistic about this appt. Diagnosis or direct path to one is what I anticipate. Loren's post about the new research doctor is very promising. I will be more than happy to help in any research as soon as I am diagnosed. I would assume it is a requirement. Soon, very soon. I hope you also find the answers you are looking for. Will update everyone after my appt. Take care everyone. Kathy
kaycee Message
11 Dec 2009, 11:31 PM

kathy, are you going to see Dr hanna at the hospital in ontario? i believe he is associated with dr. griggs and tawil as far as research is concerned? Have you ever visited the Cinch website info here about research im gonna email you dr. hannas email and suggest you be proactive and email him a letter as well as a photo of your fingers and toes as well as a description of your symptoms and ask him if there is a way you can work around the referral issues or perhaps he can help you by contacting your physician... thats just a suggestion. IM gonna email dr hannas email phone # etc directly to you ! I did receive an email today about updates here..12/11/09 karen