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Sarcoidosis, how is it diagnosed

Tuula Message
12 Sep 2009, 12:04 PM

I am guessing that I have this condition, after seeing many specialists in South Africa they can find no positive reason for my persistant agressive coughing. Basically every time I inhale quickly as when laughing or shouting, when bending forward or sitting in a low seat, any exercise like walking up stairs. I used to be very active & sporty but now am always tired and consequently have become overweight. I had scans where they found a number of small nodules in my lungs when I had an operation to have one removed it was diagnosed as non malignant but no other comment. I have a mild reflux condition and slightly abnormal gastric action where food passes through my asophegous into the duodenum, which can cause coughing but not to the extent that I suffer.
42658 Message
13 Sep 2009, 02:42 PM

They should have been able to tell you from the surgery if it was Sarcoid if the nodules were non-caseating granulomas or what. That is usually how it is definately dx'd. There can be other symptoms such as weight loss, hair loss, night sweats along with a mirad of many others.