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Lichen planus

judithdavis3 Message
30 Jul 2008, 03:02 AM

I was just diagnosed with Lichen Planus definitely today. I had biopsiy results and saw the expert dermatologist at Hopkins. I am on steroids for it. It is effecting my mucous membranes
Loretta Message
22 Sep 2010, 01:51 PM

what kind of steroids are you on? Do you take a pill, or use steroid cream on the effected area? I'm being treated for Candida Glabrata at this time with IV Caspofungin for 6 weeks, it seems that yeast infection aggravates the Lichen. I'm 63 and have been in menopause for 6 years, am being treated with vaginal hormone Vagafem 10mg 2 x a week. Seeing my urologist at UCLA for testing to see if it has effected my urethra, there are different oponions as to what causes it, trama to the area, hormone imbalance, to genetics. I don't think they really know for sure, there is no cure at this time, all they can do is treat symptoms. Would like to find a clinical trial, they need to find a cure for this.