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Nice to meet you Clare

beryma Message
5 Jun 2009, 11:05 PM

Sorry didn't get back here sooner. My sister surprised me with a visit for my birthday. It was so nice to have her here all week. How are you doing? I'm glad your doctor has realized that your symptoms are caused by a medical condition. I haven't been so fortunate but then again, I never realized it was not normol to get so weak and tired like I do. It wasn't until I started an "eight hours on your feet" job that I realized I have serious problems. Then when I started reacting so bad to perfumes and such things I knew something was wrong. I've had to go to doctors in Toronto (a 1.5 hour drive) to try to get help. Sooner or later I will find one who can help me. I hope you have success getting diagnosed faster than I have. Well, enough grumbling. Let me know how your doctor visit goes when you ask about ATS. Look forward to hearing from you again. It really does help.