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fed uphi

bralank101 Message
22 May 2009, 05:01 PM

Hi to everyone out there with costrochondritus...I've had this condition for 11 years now and have the pains if not every day then everyother day.. :( I just wondered if anyone else has it that bad?? I have been put all types of meds in the past-now all I have is ibuprofen. I'm getting really fed up !!!!!
bonus10111 Message
28 Jun 2009, 06:18 PM

I have been dealing with costrochondritus for about 10 years. It comes and goes some days it is gone and then it is back again for no apparent reason. I have had all the tests for my heart and everything is ok. My pain is usually dull but sometimes I get a sharp pain. It does not hurt when I breath deeply just if you push on the rib cage. Most of the time it is just dull and makes me very nervous and depressed. I have learned to try not to think about it and sometimes that works if I am doing something I enjoy or with other people. I take ibuprofen but that does not always take all the pain away. It always worries me that there is something wrong with my heart but the cardiologist says it is ok. I am also getting fed up.