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other syndromes

sueinholland Message
12 Jul 2008, 07:31 PM

Hi Theresa, I just found this site while doing a search to see where our Pitt Hopkin's group was showing up on a google search in Europe. It's great that you were able to put a link back to our group. Do you think different search engines put up different sites? We need to find anything like this and see if we are allowed to put a link on. I noticed Angelman's syndrome has no members here yet. If I had time I'd try to cross reference some groups....well let support groups know that people might be searching here! Sue
biotechguy Message
13 Jul 2008, 05:24 AM

Hi Sue, Thanks for posting this! Feel free to contribute to the Site where you see fit. Also, you can post any valuable links under the "Disorder Resources" section of the community. Be sure to let those groups know about this site as well. We're continuing to get the word out and we appreciate any help from our members. :-) David