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Consequences of Covid pandemic on SCLS Patients

aporzeca Message
3 Jan 2022, 10:09 PM

An article is being published in a medical journal that reports on the fate of 30 known SCLS patients from Europe through mid-July 2021. Ninety percent (27) of them were receiving IVIG on a regular basis, and two-thirds (20) of them were vaccinated. Five of the ten who were unvaccinated patients experienced an episode of SCLS and 4 of them died as a result, even though none had evidence of Covid-19 pneumonia.

Covid vaccination was uneventful in 18 out of the 20 patients, including 2 who were not receiving IVIG. Two patients treated with IVIG had a relapse after a second dose of mRNA vaccine, with a favorable outcome in both cases.

In addition, five patients were newly diagnosed with SCLS, none of whom were receiving IVIG: 4 of them were unvaccinated and had an episode of SCLS after contracting Covid, and the 5th one after receiving a first Covid vaccination. One of the unvaccinated four died, while the rest survived.

In sum, the Covid pandemic has had serious consequences in European patients with SCLS. Covid infections are associated with a high risk of SCLS episodes, and all Covid vaccines can trigger episodes. According to the authors, high-dose IVIG remains the only effective preventive treatment and should not be stopped during the pandemic. The risk/benefit ratio favors Covid vaccination in SCLS patients receiving IVIG.

I have added this article to the Disorder Resources page, and it can be downloaded from

rnuara Message
4 Jan 2022, 02:53 PM

Great information, as always.  Thanks Arturo

HansDeWit Message
5 Jan 2022, 09:32 AM


Thank you for sharing the info.

PS it looks that I am patient 27 in table I.smiley I was contacted by Marc Pineton de Chambrun some weeks ago..