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Very hard selc with Covid 19

elganzory Message
26 Mar 2021, 06:50 AM


at 12/3/2021 I had a contact with COVID 19 positive  I had a fever and start a very hard leak after few hours I called 911 I arrived in hospital with 20 homophobic ang 69 emotocret 
covid 19 is the very hard rely I am stell until now at Intensive care unit praying God to help all the persons with COVID-19 now I am still mor better than I arrived I hash start at first day ivig 2 gk like that the leak was stoped 

now they going to stop Covid-19 

I recommend all please take care of your self 

god bless us 


ValeriaSpain Message
26 Mar 2021, 08:13 AM

Dear Yaser,

I'm very sorry to know that you're going through Covid-19 followed by an SCLS attack 

My thoughts and prayers are with you. 

Keep strong Yaser, you got this! 

DavidS Message
26 Mar 2021, 10:19 AM

Wishing you a full recovery Yaser

aporzeca Message
26 Mar 2021, 10:16 PM

I spoke with Yaser earlier today and he is doing much better and hopes to be discharged from the hospital in the next few days.

Critical to his survival was that his physician had him receive 2 gr/kg of IVIG soon after arrival to the hospital with what was an acute, confirmed episode of SCLS triggered by his exposure to the Covid-19 virus, and that infusion helped to bring his episode to a quick end, enabling his hospital team to focus on treating his Covid, which as is typical affected mostly his lungs.

WazzaACT Message
27 Mar 2021, 05:09 AM

That is such good news. 

claude53 Message
27 Mar 2021, 07:44 AM

Many thanks to Arturo for his commitment. This episode confirms that an acute SCLS can be triggered by a viral infection. Vaccination against COVID19 is clearly indicated to protect Patients with SCLS. The strategy with IVIG infusion at the first signs of SCLS pays off. I wish a speedy recovery to Yaser and warm regards to all members of the community. Claude Pfefferlé  


elganzory Message
28 Mar 2021, 05:24 AM

Thanks for all of you also thanks so much for Arturo that he called me when he write my post yesterday I left the intensive care unit I am at a room but still at the hospital with a little quantity of oxygen 

I send a beg Hag for all of you praying God to bless us and also bless all the people 


Arielbatt Message
28 Mar 2021, 04:21 PM

I'm glad you're already in the room dear Yaser, I think I remember you were in Rome, right? Were you with 1 gr / Kg? or with another dose? Have a good Easter and pasqueta. Greetings.


elganzory Message
29 Mar 2021, 05:51 AM

Hi Ariel 

thank you so much.

corect I leav at Rome I am stell in hospital trying to win with this COVID-19 

I hope for all of you to spent a happy Easter