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Anyone in the Ocala area? Or Florida at all?

Shannoncourt Message
19 Feb 2021, 05:50 PM


Hope everyone is doing well at this time. I currently live in the Tampa Bay area. However I am moving to the Ocala area. Does anyone currently live near there and have a doctor that treats them? I only plan to change hospitals and doctors as it will make it close to a 1.5 hr drive on ivig days (I go every other week 2 days in a row) and for safety reasons I feel it is best to find a place closer to my new home. My current physician will not have privileges at the local hospital so I will need a new doctor so any help will be great! 


Thank you so very much. Stay  well and crisis free. Prayers for all.


Chronic leaker. First episode August 2010. No luck with Theophylline,  Singulair,  or Terbutaline. Started IVIG March 2013. 

stedrick Message
20 Feb 2021, 11:30 AM


I have a winter home in Micanopy, Florida, just north of Ocala. When in Florida I use the UF Shands infusion center in Gainesville. It's a few blocks away from from the huge hospital so parking is much more pleasant. My hematologist there is Bradley Fletcher.

Hope this helps,