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COVID Vaccine

rnuara Message
4 Feb 2021, 08:24 PM

I am happy to report that I got my first Covid Vaccine yesterday (Pfizer) and there were no side effects.  You were required to wait 15 minutes to make certain that you didn't have any adverse reaction.  Hoping everyone else is able to get an appointment and their vaccines, as soon as possible.

Arielbatt Message
5 Feb 2021, 12:39 PM

Great news.  It would be good if we unify the experience with the vaccine in a single post.

HansDeWit Message
6 Feb 2021, 08:35 AM

I agree on that, making a post with all the expierences on the vaccines and so we see the evolution of the number of people that received their vaccine. For the EU the vaccine will be only for the next months (March or April) I think... (6 February 2021, 09:34 AM)