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40 years with DD

kanighswonger Message
21 Nov 2020, 09:55 PM

Hello, everyone.  I've been dealing with DD for 40 years and it's fluctuated with hormonal changes.  I've been on Accutane for 34 years with no serious side effects along with a plethora of topical ointments.  I battle MRSA but we invested in a hot tub 4 years ago and the Bromine has been a God send.  I went for 6 years of MRSA outbreaks every 2 weeks to 2 per year that were so mild, it was no biggie.  Bromine is less harsh on the skin than chlorine or bleach baths.  As far as food triggers, not really any to speak of but the DD flares badly around my period.  I use Aquaphor for the scaling and Curel lotion for itching and I wash with Cetaphil and Hibiclens.  I recommend ACV for immune system boosts.  I have a moderate-severe case.  A lot of ways of treating are trial and error.  I am highly allergic to any fragrance so make sure you're using perfume free laundry detergents and ointments.  Steer clear of wool.  Topical Gentamycin gel helps soothe when MRSA is around as well as Mupirocin.  It's hard to tell when MRSA is sneaking in as it camoflauges in the DD rather than the tell tale boils that are the common symptom.  I can usually tell a MRSA infection may be coming on when I get a small pimple in my eyebrows so I don't use eyebrow pencil to put make up on.  I use a q-tip.  
I only use my clean hands to apply foundation.  I put mascara in a tiny drop of peroxide after each use than rinse well before applying again.  This seems to help.  As far as blush, I don't use it often but I also disinfect it with peroxide.  Hope this helps!