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Covid Positive

gandcburns Message
20 Sep 2020, 06:37 PM

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to update you on my contracting COVID. I do not know where I contracted the virus, but I work at a YMCA teaching group fitness classes and personal training. I am also the mother of four. Two of my four children are living at home, and the youngest is 14 doing hybrid school (two days in school and three days online).  I am susceptible at home and work.  Last Tuesday afternoon 9/15 I began having body aches and a headache, but no fever.  I scheduled a COVID test for the following day. On Wednesday 9/16 the body aches and headache were gone, but I had a mild cough and was tired. I still had no fever.  The doctor performing the COVID test put me on a Z-pack just in case. Thursday 9/17 I developed labored breathing symptoms and took myself to the ER. I had lung x-rays done and a CT scan to check for blood clots.  All looked good and my breathing improved with an inhaler. The ER performed a rapid COVID test on me which was positive. Friday 9/18 I could tell a leak had been triggered. My lower legs were filling with fluid. I was able to schedule an extra IVigg infusion and received it that evening. My last infusion was on Tuesday 9/8. I receive 55 grams every two weeks. Saturday 9/19 I remained in bed all day but could tell the leak had reversed or stalled.  My lower legs were full but not as tight to the touch. I lost my sense of smell and taste on Saturday. My breathing was back to normal. Today is Sunday 9/20 I am feeling tired but considerably better. My family members are all showing signs of the virus. Thankfully, they only have mild symptoms. They will be tested at the health department tomorrow. We are in quarantine for 14 days and are lucky to have a network of friends helping to keep us stocked with groceries. I hope and pray you all remain healthy. 


aporzeca Message
21 Sep 2020, 02:58 PM


Thank you so much for letting us know, and I wish you and your family a speedy recovery!

I'm really glad that they gave you IVIG immediately, and ahead of the two-week cycle.  Even if it wouldn't have helped -- which it probably did -- it wouldn't have hurt.  And in these situations, speed is of the essence.  I know of too many cases where doctors give IVIG as a last resort, days into an episode, and it came too little, too late, to make a difference.

If you could arrange for any saved episode blood (namely, from Thursday and Friday before you got IVIG) to the be sent by the hospital to Dr. Druey, I'm sure he would really appreciate it. You can give them his information or else you can email him about it today, so he may provide the crucial shipping and delivery details to the right person.

Please give us an update later this week.  Your experience has the potential to give the rest of us much-needed hope in case of eventual exposure to Covid-19.


Arielbatt Message
21 Sep 2020, 06:26 PM

Hello Cristina, thank you for sharing this information with us ... I don't know if anyone has any other registered case, as far as I found, yours would be the fourth case.  I leave the link of a patient who also managed to overcome it successfully.  I hope you can share your information and your samples with Dr. Druey ... That we are committed helps us all.

https: //

Caroline uk Message
25 Sep 2020, 07:05 AM

Hello Cristina, thanks very much for sharing your recent experience, that's good to hear about you doing well with IVIG treatment despite testing positive. I hope and pray you continue to recover well and your family also have a good recovery. Best wishes, Caroline 

gandcburns Message
29 Sep 2020, 09:43 PM

Hello Everyone,


Thank you for the well wishes. Unfortunately, I was unable to get my blood sent to Dr. Druey, but my doctor was able to fax him my blood work and test results. I will reach out to Dr. Druey to secure a kit to be able to send him blood if this happens again. I am doing much better. The leak was effectively stopped with an extra treatment. My legs took a few days to return to normal size, but are functioning well. The virus lasted 12 days and zapped me of all energy. I am back to work, but taking the exercise portion slowly. I hope everyone remains healthy and COVID free. 


DavidS Message
30 Sep 2020, 09:02 AM

Thanks for sharing your great news with us about your recovery! We hope your full energy returns soon, Rebekah Sellers 

Jcarson Message
8 Dec 2020, 12:30 AM

Thankyou for the information,  Cristina.    If and when the virus hits us, I will be sure to double up on the ivig.   Hope you are progressing well.  A question.  Do you take low dose aspirin?