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jonnell Message
17 Mar 2009, 02:48 PM

im looking to talk with parents of sjogrens syndrome my daughter who is 4 has been diagnosed with it and i cant find anyone with small children with ssj
JennyPettit Message
8 Nov 2010, 12:47 AM

I see that you posted this a long time ago, but I just joined and saw it now. Are you still looking? I'm not a parent, I'm 24, but was diagnosed at 15 and actually trace some symptoms back as far as 2 years old. I've also seen a few parents on other networks, I can try to see if I can come up with anyone. Let me know if you're interested, thanks!
JamieD Message
17 Apr 2019, 07:08 PM

HI Jonnell,

 I am a parent to a 14 year old, diagnosed when he was 7. I would like to connect. We have a support group on line (Facebook) if you are interested