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lisamccoleman Message
18 Apr 2020, 07:09 PM

Hello all... In light of Coved-19 and my on-going side effects from treatment, my specialist and I have been discussing the subcu-IVIG option for me.  I am wondering if anyone has any experience with it or any insight to share with me as we look into this an option going forward. I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe during this time.


Lisa from Canada

leilasmom31 Message
19 Apr 2020, 05:41 AM

My daughter gets SubQ igg . Hizentra is the brand and she tolerates it much better than the larger infusions . We do the infusions at home 3times a week and it takes around an hour each time . I do it myself and it's very easy to do . Supplies are mailed right to us . She still has side effects but they're mild compared to the large infusions . She has been on Hizentra since around January 2013 I believe and has only had very small leaks a couple times that we just monitored at home . 
Hope this helps . 

aporzeca Message
20 Apr 2020, 04:08 AM