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Hs- heal

dave3 Message
27 Apr 2019, 02:29 AM


People with  Hidradenitis Suppurativa  or HS are still looking for relief and remedy for

this condition and it seems many have not been successful in removing its symptoms

and many painful skin inflammations & problems.


I too had HS and it has been with me for over 12 years.    It is hard to accept but I have been waking up and feel this disfiguring illness in my

armpits ,  chests and private areas below the belt and it hurts not only physically- body

but also I am hurt in mind.


Most of the people I meet have never heard of it and I can not even discuss it with

friends because if I start, either they are not interested and it is a depressing

topic so I almost never discuss hidradenitis except a doctor or another who has

the same condition.


But going forward,  I always wanted to get over this disease and  I found an

article that gave me hope because the author got cured of this illness.

I also found another person that used this same cure or therapy and she

says it has alleviated her condition not totally but 60% improvement.


My God, I am really interested and even some improvement is what I want

- I mean getting improvement is better than no improvement because I

hurt bad like I said both physically and mentally from HS.


Okay, but now I got this same treatment and my improvement is tremendous

because  I am saying I got total healing after 10  months treatment.


I am grateful and here is what happened , when my improvement reached 85%  which

was a big change & quite a transformation for me, I didn’t wait for total healing to

act, I got out and socialized, looked for new friends  including lady friends and I have

a new girl friend now.


Anyway, if people with HS want healing and this treatment

view  the article



And the treatment