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gigimarie Message
3 Jan 2019, 08:58 AM

My daughter was diagnosed with Familial Mediterranean Fever at the age of 2 years after having recurrent fevers, joint pain, stomach pain, etc. She was put on colchicine as a test and her flares decreased in frequency by enough that they were certain she had FMF. My husband and I had genetic testing awhile back but they just recently released information on FMF and neither of us has a variant detected. While there are many variants they don't know about yet, it makes me wonder if she has a different periodic fever disorder. Her doctor has ruled out PFAPA. When looking through the periodic fever symptoms, MWS caught my attention because of hearing loss. My daughter started showing some hearing loss at 3 years but they told me not to be concerned. It has progressed and I am taking her to see her pediatrician and rheumatologist asap. Any info would be helpful, as I am not finding much on MWS online, especially in regards to children.