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IVIG side effects and swollen optic nerve

mberry Message
2 Dec 2018, 02:51 PM

Hello, I was wondering if anyone can tell me if there are any side effects from the IVIG. Also, I've had a swollen optic nerve which has affected my eye sight -- could this be something related to SCLS or MGUS (or both)? None of the doctors or specialists seem to know why this has come on in the last year.


Thank you for your help.


rnuara Message
3 Dec 2018, 02:54 PM

I have been getting IVIG infusions for 5 years and have not had any issues with a swollen optic nerve.  I have not seen any postings on the website regarding this.

The side effects are minimal.  They have consisted of headaches, some tiredness, trouble sleeping (the days of the infusion), some irritability.  My eyesight is slightly blurry and my voice gets slightly hoarse, the days of the infusion.  These side effects are very manageable.  If you are considering IVIG.  The answer is quite simple YES.  

mberry Message
3 Dec 2018, 08:26 PM

Thank you so much for this information -- those side effects seem manageable. Thanks!