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Side effects of immunosuppressive drug

sybaten Message
22 Sep 2017, 01:03 AM

I was diagnosed with T-LGL leukemia last year.  I tried treatment using MTX for about 4 months. Unfortunately I didn't respond to MTX and suffered from severe fatigue during treatment. After stopping treatment blood cell count recovered a little(RBC2.9M→3.2M/μL), but decreased again(RBC2.8M/μL) after 3 months. Therefore I consider that next treatment using another immunosuppressive drug will be necessary sooner or later. Kind advice from friends who have experienced treatments using MTX and cyclophosphamide will be appreciated regarding comparison of side effects between each drug. Referring some medical information sites, description about side effects of cyclophosphamide seems worse and it makes me hesitate. I understand that a side effect depends on each of us. Suggestion about another option will be also appreciated. Latest literature of Lamy et al. reported that the complete response rates of these agents are as follows: ~21% for MTX, 33% for cyclophosphamide and <5% for cyclosporine.