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hereditary spherocitosis and hyperbilirubinemia

horbo Message
27 Aug 2016, 05:26 PM

My son, 18 years old (hieght 174cm, weight 73 kg), has a relatively rare disease, hereditary spherocytozis, which was diagnosed at the age of 11. The disease is expressed in a rare way since hemoglobin and hematocrit are normal range (aprox 145 and 0, 39), but the indirect bilirubin values are extremely increased (over 200 mmol/L, maximum value was 271 mmol/L). At the same time the values of reticulocytes are usually increased moderate (usually around 5 to 6% or about 320). Blood tests indicate markedly anisocytosis and poikilocytosis of erythrocytes and a mild polichromasia of erythrocytes. His blood test also indicate low level of cholesterol – 1,9 mmol/L (HDL 0,8 mmol/L, LDL 0,6 mmol/L). Ultrasound examinations indicate hepatosplenomegaly, spleen size is aprox 17 cm. From medications, he takes 5mg folic acid per week. Folic acid, iron, transferin and B12 are normal ranges. As doctors can not explain such high levels o bilirubin, I am iteresting if anyone has similar situation.