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Your current therapy

Magaliep Message
20 Jun 2016, 07:24 AM

Hello! I would like to know what other fellow people with PIL are currently doing to improve their lifestyle: - Supplementary vitamins -Protein and calorie supplements -Medication Dietary changes besides low fat Im currently on 2x 20% albumin + 1 injection of sandostatin every 4 weeks. I get a subcutaneous vitamin D3 injection in the belly. I take multivitamin zinc tablets aswell as calcium And vitamin K. I use the Ceres MCT 77% OIL I drink isostar protein shakes twice a day and I have started drinking ensure plus twocal. this is 200 ml , high energy, high protein, low fat nutritional drink, designed for people with involuntary weight loss. Since I was young I heavily relied on carbs to gain weight such as bread and pasta which recently made my insulin Levels really high so now Im trying out a gluten free diet. Despite my efforts my weight never stays the same I can go from 60kg to 49kg in a matter of weeks. But I'm definitely doing much better now with this routine than I ever have before.