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What is Richard

what Message
21 May 2016, 04:16 AM

It would have been nice if the of sign up page's first info box was titled 'login name' instead of just 'login'. I just put what, not knowing what they really were needing Anyways, my bowel condition is a bit beyond SBS. I only have 3 feet of jejunum and my stomach. A foot of it does not work well. I had an ileostomy for 25 years before a butcher killed the rest of my small bowel. I have the shorten bowel since 1998. I say I am an expert for sure. A resident internist to be doc says he learning from me things that are not taught in the university. I left TPN dependency long ago due to a defunct medical center. I get hydration infusion twice a week. I have a tweaked highly individualize regimented diet that is not so regimented anymore. So, hi everyone. I hope to learn and share here. night, night Richard