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Hi, Guys! I'm Sarah.

Leelismom2 Message
11 Apr 2016, 11:38 PM

I'm here trying to find information on this because my parents are both carriers. My sister, younger, is a carrier, I had four brothers born afflicted, and I'm not a carrier. I was born in '85, my parent's first baby without Hurler's. They raised my brothers, Michael and Nicholas, but left the two other boys at the hospital. It seems as though the life expectancy has greatly improved, Michael was 6 when he passed away, and Nicholas wasn't yet 2. Was it common for parents to leave their children? My parents won't talk about any of it anymore. I'm sure it's a painful topic. I just wish I could understand more, I guess.
marcusdad Message
12 Apr 2016, 04:20 AM

Hi Sarah, I was moved my your post, but sorry I can't answer the question about parents leaving their children. A lot has changed in treatment for Hurlers and things have gotten better. My son Marcus is 23 years old now and was 18 months old when he was diagnosed in 1994 and had a bone marrow transplant. Since then his quality of life has improved but he still has come challenges. He is learning to live on his own, trying to get a job and attend classes. Its a struggle but he is a happy person.