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Tarlov cyst diagnosis

cgolden Message
27 Nov 2015, 06:09 PM

Hi all, I flew to see Dr. F from Florida since I have 2 Tarlov cysts and pain that is consistent with them. One of them is 1 CM long and about to go on disability given the pain. I hate to give up my work. In the absence of anything else wrong and with a sucky quality of life, I figured it was a no brainer. He suggested I get a block at S-2 and see if i get pain relief and that would suggest this is my problem. My pain doctor suggested that it could still be the problem even if the block doesn't relieve the pain. What has been the experience of this group and why would i need to have the block. Has this been the group's experience?
ljriley2016 Message
27 Jan 2016, 11:05 PM

Hello. My husband was recently diagnosed with Tarlov Cysts. For almost 2 years we didn't and couldn't get answers to our questions until we finally did. You need to go to Tarlov Cyst Disease Foundation and also here and you could see how serious this issue is.There are only 2 surgeons in the country that specialize in Tarlov Cysts and one is in CA and one is in TX. Please, I hope you read this and will look into this more. Good luck and God Bless
divinesunshine7 Message
30 Jul 2016, 07:10 AM

I am glad that your pain specialist is willing to try the block. Mine would not do it. They probably read that any puncture to the spine could cause more of them and are afraid to risk making a mistake. Dr. F even offered to talk to them, but they were unwilling. There is still so much to learn about these and patients often have to become the expert. Remember that most of the doctors practicing today we're taught either nothing about them or taught that they do not cause symptoms. As long as your doctor is careful your spine should be fine and maybe you will notice a difference. It is something you will have to decide. How are you doing now? Any updates?